House Location


Locating housing that meets expat requirements is only the start of our service. In fact, its the easiest part of our job.

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You’re going to want an agency that’s focused on taking care of you long after your housing contract is signed.

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Corporate Care

Staff Services

Bringing in Foreign talent is costly, don’t risk their relocation and aftercare on an agency that doesn’t have their best interest in mind.

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Office & Retail

Location Services

Looking for an office or retail location for your new business? Let us help you find the location that satisfies your budget and needs.

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Real Estate that Battles Homelessness

Why Domogo?

We cost less while giving you more service where it matters. As a side note, we spend 100% of profit battling global homelessness.

Don’t worry. We help people on all budgets to find houses and apartments for rent in Nanjing. However, our real work and worth is in the landing and aftercare services we offer over the course of your contract. Oh, and we do at the same price or less than what other nanjing real estate agencies charge for location services alone.

Finding a Home
Landing Services
House Issues
Bill Paying
Emergency Issues

Traditional Fee Structure

Most agencies in Nanjing charge ½ of 1 month’s rent for housing location services.

e.g. if your contracted rent price is settled at 10,000 RMB per month then you pay a 1 time fee of 5,000.00 RMB at the time you sign the contract.

The standard structure is problematic for two reasons:

  1. It incentivizes housing location agencies to work with landlords to raise your rent price. The higher your rent, the more money the agency makes. “Pricing Hiking” is very common.
  2. The fee you pay is for housing location services, the easy part. Unless you speak great Chinese, you will need further housing related assistance during your stay in Nanjing.

Our Fee Structure

  1. You pay 995.00 RMB for us to start looking for a house for you. We keep looking until you’re happy with the home you’ve chosen.
  2. If you do not end up relocating to Nanjing, we refund 100% of your fee.
  3. We assist you in negotiating and signing the contract with the landlord at no additional cost.
  4. AT THE END of your contract you pay ½ of 1 month’s rent minus the original 995.00 RMB BUT ONLY if you agree that we’ve provided you with a quality service throughout your contract. If we fail, you don’t pay.

For those who prefer the standard method, we do offer general housing location services with no upfront payment however, we do not offer our aftercare services if we bill in the traditional way.

Making It Home

Making it Home is far more than a slogan to us. It’s the one thing we strive to be best at.

Our mission is to create “home” in every encounter. We start this mission with staff, which flows to customers and then to beneficiaries.

Making it home for staff means that we start by viewing them as people to be respected and cared for rather than assets to be managed. It means paying higher salaries and providing more time off than what is required; it means ensuring that their work is engaging & meaningful even when the task is mundane & It means helping them achieve life goals even if that means helping a valued employee leave our company in pursuit of a differing passion.

Making it home for customers means we start by viewing you as a person to be respected and cared for rather than a possibility for profit. It means putting in the extra time to think about how we would want our family treated if they were landing in Nanjing for the first time, it means making sure you get the best deal we can negotiate, it means ensuring you know what to expect whether good or bad & it means being a trusted place for you to turn for help even after we’ve won your money.

Making it home for beneficiaries means we start by viewing them as people to be respected and cared for rather than unfortunates to be helped. It means listening to their concepts and then partnering with them on solutions rather than forcing their hand. It means realizing that we know less about their circumstance than they do. It means ensuring rigid transparency to weed out internal corruption & it means ensuring that they become the benefactors as quickly as possible.

In regards to the value you receive as a Domogo customer, our mission is not a minor thing. It was designed with the understanding that when staff feel valued and genuinely cared for while knowing that their work has real purpose they will naturally extend better and more honest care to those in their charge.

Save Money. Get More. Do Good.

Domogo Fees

Enter your monthly house or apartment budget to get started.

Like Details? Here’s Our Step by Step Process.


Chop on Chinese Rent Contract Nanjing


Let’s start by answering all of those questions about Nanjing you likely have. Ask us questions. They don’t have to only be about housing location.

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Chop on Chinese Rent Contract Nanjing


Ready to find your new apartment, house or villa? Great! Tell us your needs and choose your service package then we’ll start scouring Nanjing.

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Chop on Chinese Rent Contract Nanjing


Sweet! We’ve found the home you want. Its time to negotiate and translate your contract. Price? Term? bills? Deposit? Management fees? Fapiao or shouju? We can help.

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Its time to move in! Oops, the house isn’t clean, there’s no internet, no wifi, no foreign tv, no mobile service, no fresh water. That’s all normal but we can help!

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So you’ve settled in. But uh oh, the utility bills are in Chinese, the Aircon broke, you need a plumber, there’s no internet, found some mold…you’ll want aftercare!

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We're Transparent from Finances to Board Meetings

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